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Book 1 in the Wolf Creek series

She thought they were safe…
She thought no one would ever find them…
She thought wrong.

Grace Adams has kept her sister hidden for over ten years. But Jade’s broken free of their careful life and moved to a small town at the foot of the Rockies. Now she’s nowhere to be found. Is it Jade being Jade or has their dangerous past caught up to them? Grace arrives in Wolf Creek, a town that seems safe enough, but she soon learns appearances can deceive, and the trail goes cold.

Retired cop Seth Lang wears the ghosts of his past like a shackle, which is fine by him—he deserves nothing less. But when Jade Adams goes missing, the whispers about him start again. He’ll be damned if he lets anyone blame him for another disappearance.

Grace doesn’t trust anyone, least of all the police, but she’s desperate, and an injured ex-cop might give her the edge she needs without attracting anymore unwanted attention. Seth just wants to find the truth, but a walled-up heart is no match for the frightened eyes of Grace, so he reluctantly agrees to help find her sister.

But as their hunt for Jade brings them closer—much closer than either one ever expected—a killer waits in the shadows, waiting for Grace…waiting to make her vanish.




Book 2 in the Wolf Creek series

He thought he could escape his past in the cult.  He was wrong…

Artist Eli Dalton would much prefer to be back in his workshop instead of doing a gallery opening in the Kootenays. But at the sight of a beautiful stranger, Sabrina Kendrick, he decides openings aren’t so bad at all…until his past walks through the door.

For Sabrina, it was supposed to be a simple day trip to see the work of Eli Dalton—and maybe get him to exhibit his work in her own gallery. But when a gunman suddenly threatens Eli and his very pregnant teenage sister, the look of terror in the young girl’s eyes spurs Sabrina into action, and spontaneously offers them shelter.

Sabrina’s used to taking in strays, but she’s never had to lie about them. Eli and Sabrina’s forced seclusion draws them closer while Sabrina’s deceit keeps growing and their carefully constructed safe haven threatens to crumble. Sabrina and Eli must risk not only their lives but their love to save his sister and her baby. Can they pay the price?



Book 3 in the Wolf Creek Series

She thought she was alone…

Still haunted by her father’s abrupt departure 18 years ago, florist Eloise MacKinlay keeps busy by focusing on just two things—her family and her flower shop—and leaves the past in the past.  But when a local reporter turns up dead in the alley behind her shop and her mother becomes the number one suspect, Eloise is determined to find the real killer.  Even if it means teaming up with the man who once broke her heart and made her vow to never trust again.

When Sam Gray receives a strange message from an old friend, he decides to use it as an opportunity to return to Wolf Creek and maybe right some past wrongs.  But he arrives just in time to learn his friend is dead.  It becomes clear there was more to the message than Sam realized.  Eloise may not want his help, but he needs to find out who killed Marc just as much as he needs to atone for what he did to her.

But when the search reveals long buried secrets, Eloise and Sam must face their own demons to uncover the truth.