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Nothing to Fear

Old building ruins
The inspiration for Nothing to Fear

Nothing to fear but fear itself…

After the brutal murder of her mother nineteen years ago, CJ Devine had counted the days until she could leave Trinity Bay for good. Her work as a travel writer now keeps her far away from the remote coastal town–and its terrible memories. But when her aunt is hospitalized after a horrific car accident, CJ’s forced to go home…and face her darkest fear that a killer awaits her return.

Old building ruins
Inside the mill

CEO Max Dryden is used to being in control back in his corporate world. But when his sister is struck by a car in Trinity Bay and left in a coma, he can only sit helplessly by her side and wait for her to wake up. One thing he can do is find out who his sister was running from the night of the accident, so he convinces a reluctant CJ to help him.

Their search not only threatens the heart CJ’s so carefully guarded, but sends her straight into the arms of a killer who will stop at nothing to keep his crimes a secret.







The Kootenay Rockies
The Kootenay Rockies, home to Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek looks like any other small town—peaceful, safe, and far from the crimes of the big city.  Appearances can be so deceiving…

Grace Adams was surprised when her younger sister moved to the small town of Wolf Creek. But when Grace goes there herself, she soon sees why: quiet, charming, and killer views in all directions.  But Wolf Creek has a dark side.  A young woman went missing fifteen years ago and now Grace’s sister has disappeared too.  As the hours turn into days with no word from her, Grace fears an old enemy has come to exact his revenge, so she turns to sexy ex-lawman Seth Lang to help her find Jade before it’s too late.

The Purcell Mountains
The Purcell Mountains

With Jade Adams missing, it doesn’t take long for the whispers to begin that Seth is behind it.  Most people in town already blame him for the disappearance of one woman in Wolf Creek, but he isn’t about to let them blame him for another.  He needs to find Jade before the people of Wolf Creek lynch him up for good.



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